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Zongji Peng was born in May of 1947 in the City of Lonngchang in the Chinese Province Sichuan.

He was a Student of Master Caiqin Zhang (1901-1984).

Caiqin Zhang learned Painting from the same Master as Daqian Zhang,an international known Chinese Painting Master.


Mr. Caiqin Zhang has specialized his Chinese Painting of Flowers and Birds. His Paintings have often been presented at State Resceptions to Head of Countries by the former Chinese Premier Zhao Ziyang, to the American President Charter and the British Prime Minister Margret Thatcher.


End of Juli 2009,Mr. Zongji Peng was stuck by a Stroke and lost the function by the right side of his Body, directly effecting to use his right hand for Painting properly.However, his Passion and Favor for painting remained. He started all over and spent countless hours to practice with his left Hand.

Latest News 

In July of 2017, Mr. Zhongji Peng will present his Paintings to the People of Germany to share the Result of his endless Passion and Efforts with his latest Paintings in Asia Arts Center in Frankfurt.

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